27 Best Freelance Android Developers For Hire In March 2022

Take all these into consideration when you want to hire an Android developer. During the interview, ask them about what is their preferred way of work and briefly present the culture at your company. Once again, review carefully the resume of the candidate and look for businesses and projects similar to yours. Agile development is great for Android app development, as — if correctly adapted — it significantly speeds up and simplifies the software building process, while still keeping it organised. This means that the developer you want to hire for your Android application development should possess a good knowledge of design best practices, with special focus on the UX and UI .

android developers to hire

As a Toptal qualified front-end developer, I also run my own consulting practice. When clients come to me for help filling key roles on their team, Toptal is the only place I feel comfortable recommending.

Authentic Jobs

The website does the screening for you and if you’re looking to hire from another site, you can still hire Scalable Path to do the screening of those developers, as well. You may not find as many developer positions on the site, but the ones you will find will be well worth the time. The entire client-freelancer lifecycle is pretty straightforward and easy for all parties. The site can also connect you with freelancers if you want so you don’t have to deal with any extraneous issues. People Per Hour is a freelance marketplace similar to the likes of Upwork.

This site comes with loads of resources from salary recommendations to hiring guides and offers low prices for job listings. Like with Indeed and Monster, you may get a great deal of exposure. With millions of estimated job applications delivered, SimplyHired is a highly-respected job board worth investigating. The limited number yet strong profiles on the platform makes it easy for you to hire someone good in under a day. The platform android app developer hire also offers an easy-to-use workspace for you to collaborate with your android developer and their Escrow system ensures secure and fast payments for both the parties. Gigster provides a range of services for your specific tech needs, such as brainstorming, design, development, and maintenance, to cover the lifecycle of your Android project. Scalable Path matches freelance Android developers to projects within a matter of weeks.

Hire Dedicated And Experience Android Developers

The salary of a remote developer not only depends on the skills, experience, and location but also on how well they can communicate in English and their remote work experience. Finding a skilled remote Android Developer with all these capabilities is likely to cost you more than the average but still less than the salaries in the U.S. While this is not mandatory, it always helps look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, or a related field. When looking to hire a skilled Android developer, your first task is to identify what you need. Knowing your needs will help you understand what skills and responsibilities to look for in an Android developer, as these vary depending on each business priorities. We reach out to hundreds of candidates that we think might be a possible match for you.

android developers to hire

Please ask me any questions and I look forward to hearing from you. For 14+ years, we have been providing Android applications development services to our customers and have helped them to flourish their business. We have an expert team of developers who will guide you through the entire development phase and provide personalized guidance. Additionally, you can hire dedicated developers from us who will be working exclusively for your project and provide it with needed help.

How To Hire Android Developers: Interviewing Tips And Sample Questions

Using Java or Kotlin, our Android developers can help you build whatever you have in mind. You can hire an Android Developer easily with the help of Turing. Turing goes deep into the global talent pool to source Android developers from across the world and vets them to a Silicon Valley bar.

Google execs push back on employee pay concerns – Protocol

Google execs push back on employee pay concerns.

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This can help you cut the costs of your Android development project. ScienceSoft makes sure that its Android developers always stay highly motivated and have knowledge of top-of-the-line technologies. We endorse participation in internal/external training, webinars, and workshops on Android development. SimplyHired is similar to larger, more general job boards like Indeed or Monster.

Hire Android app developers to build custom apps for your business. We develop and design apps according to your unique business needs in order to streamline your business activities. An android developer collaborates with other engineers to design and build new features for advanced Android applications. Clarion provides trusted Android development services over various platforms.

Thoroughly Define Your App Or Project Within The Job Advertisement

In 2 weeks, you’ll start reviewing people that match your requirements. We focus on providing you 3-5 top candidates instead of giving you an endless list. Get hand-selected expert engineers to supplement your team or build a high-quality mobile/web app from scratch. I make sure our clients get the highest code quality and the best tech talent on the market. Once you approve the candidates, we help them integrate into your project smoothly. The choice regarding the management approach and tools is yours.

This powerful combination makes you free from security and maintenance issues. Additionally, with the help of the Android framework, you can develop intuitive and interactive applications. Our Android Application Development services will help you develop the next generation android applications and make your business grow. Our team of Android app developers has proficiency in developing smart mobile apps. They are prompt in using the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. When you select Clarion to hire Android developers, you not only make a better choice but also enjoy the competitive edge that takes your company to the forefront of enhanced delivery.

It’s tough to develop an Android app without using an adapter somewhere because they are so important. Android is a smartphone operating system built on top of Linux based on Java and XML. Since the Android OS is not just a language, but a complete, rich and growing software framework, it has a lot to master. As of this writing, Android is in its 7th year, now at version 4.4 (“KitKat”) and has undergone 19 SDK releases. He is competent, professional, flexible, and extremely quick to understand what is required and how to implement it. Enterprise Suite has you covered for hiring, managing, and scaling talent more strategically.

We Vet The Top Candidates

The latest software helps us to stay updated with the market trends and work efficiently. This also helps us in defining our work process and makes our team give quality work to clients. Yes, your hired developer will be working dedicatedly for you and with you. They will be full-time dedicated to your project and constantly stay in touch with you. This will also provide you with full freedom to directly communicate, clear if you have any questions, or needs any changes in the project. Yes, during this period you can assess the provided services, code quality, delivery, hired resources, and overall process. If you feel satisfied, you can continue, and if not, you can cancel it anytime.

We can help you with Android game development, industry specific solutions, music apps, and more. They will also provide their inputs when and where needed and help businesses guide at every phase of development. Hence, you can define your features, and we will help you develop your applications. We entered in the Android app development world, back in 2010, when we established ourselves as a mobile app development company. I’m a native Android developer with six years of experience working on a wide range of Android projects with multiple clients. 2019 Google Play Award nominee for best app in the “Standout Well-Being App” category. I do freelance Android apps for small and medium-sized businesses looking to enter the mobile market looking to make their new product or service a reality.

android developers to hire

We build on the IT domain expertise and industry knowledge to design sustainable technology solutions. The website has more than three million members and it boasts of over five million visits a month, making it one of the world’s largest communities for designers and developers . It’s great for finding specialized Android developers who are actively searching for new opportunities, have relevant experience, and might even be located in your area.

Over the last eight years, he has worked remotely for several companies based in San Francisco and Dublin. His experience extends to working with Android, iOS, and hybrid apps including React-Native for the last eight years. Abdu is a software engineer with extensive experience in writing native applications for Android and iOS platforms. He writes mostly in Kotlin and Swift, and he aims to keep apps he has published almost crash-free. With Turing, you can hire the best remote developers for 100+ skills such as React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, DevOps, Machine Learning, etc. Turing also offers developers based on tech stack and seniority. Build your Android development team with Turing to create intuitive, scalable, highly functional, and responsive applications.

android developers to hire

The jobs range from software development, eCommerce site build-outs, to app development. However, that also means that you might have to go through hundreds of freelancers to find a good fit. DevTeam.Space has a dedicated system that’s designed to help you find the exact sql server 2019 mobile developer you want. I was blown away by the experience when I first worked with DevTeam.Space’s Android developers. Everything from the user interface to the Android SDKs to the massive number of Android development freelancers they have made it all unique.

Android App Upgrade & Maintenance

Hire certified Android developers who are always updated with new technologies. As a leading Android development company, we make sure that you get innovative and customized services. We believe that pursuit of excellence is the key to success, and via this pursuit, we wish to become global leaders in consulting and outsourcing web and mobile application development services. Get a massive audience for your Android app in favor of your business by hiring dedicated Android developers. We deliver excellent app development for various Android devices with a dynamic and interactive Android application that successfully retains existing customers. As Android’s application development is based on Linux, it guarantees that mobile apps will be secure and trouble-free.

  • Hiring freelance contractors is the way to go for many companies.
  • If you need a simple app with a few features to increase your customer engagement, you’re looking at paying around $10,000 to $50,000.
  • Our customer support team is there to help you round the clock and solve your problems.
  • Individuals that integrate into your existing teams, tools, and workflows building long-term relationships.

The site has a system where you can find custom matches using their pipeline. Before diving into the fundamentals of hiring a freelance android developer, let’s delve into some interesting facts about the history of Android. Finding the perfect freelance android developer in 2020 could be a serious task, but this guide has everything you need to know about hiring the best freelance android developer. He has developed a number of applications in various domains including e-commerce and tourism. And now Alexander has been excelling as a freelancer Android developer and is learning a lot and enjoying his journey as well. Muthu, a full-stack developer, has over 15 years of experience in the software development space.

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